Bain Marie 1-1 ET

Bain Marie BMF 1-1 ET

Bain Marie BMF 1-1 ET

Bain Marie 1-1 ET

Constant performance

Excellent isolation, controllable temperature and ergonomic forms, the fiamma bain-maries make working and cleaning easy.

Rounded recipient for fast and easy cleaning. Body in stainless steel. Adjustable temperatire from 0° to 85°C (only in electric models) with security valve with security thermocouple.

Technical Characteristics Bain Marie 1-1 ET
Dimensions P (mm) 620
Power (w) 1300
Power Supply (V/Hz) 230/250
Burner -
Lighter -
Capacity (nr) GN 1/1
Net Weight (kg) 10.5
Gross Weight (kg) 12


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