Gas Grill Plate PGF 600-F


Gas Grill Plate PGF 600-F

Gas Grill Plate PGF 600-F

Gas Grill Plate PGF 600-F

Hard Chrome Coating.

The fiamma grill plates were created to satisfy the real needs of those who work in the kitchens of snack bars and restaurants. They are easy to use. They are safe, sturdy, constructed from durable materials and high quality components.

Great Performance

Robust, reliable and made of highly resistant materials, the gas grill plates loyally serve those whom like simple and efficient equipment.



Technical Characteristics     PGF 600-F 
Plate Thickness (mm)
Plate Dimensions (mm)
Drip Tray Capacity (l)
Equipment Dimensions p (mm)
Stainless Steel Burners
Power    (kW)
Net Weight (kg)
Gross Weight


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