Microwave – MW 38.10 CG

Microwave MW 38.10CG

Microwave MW 38.10CG

Microwave – MW 38.10 CG

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Discover Fiamma’s high capacity microwave ovens! Combine microwave operations with grill and convection. Both ovens feature optimized microwave diffusion, achieving great results and an excellent energy balance. Stainless steel control panel and oven interior, robust structure and easy to wash surfaces.

MW 38.10 CG:

Microwave grill, convection, microwave & grill, microwave & convection, microwave & ventilation


Technical Characteristics                       MW 38.10CG
equipment dimensions P 542
Power (W) 3400
Power Supply (V) 230/50-60 Hz
Five Power Levels (W) 200;400;600;800;1000
Capacity (L) 38
Net Weight (kg) 35


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