Easy 50 230V Ware Washer

Easy 50 230V Ware Washer


Easy 50 230V Ware Washer

High-performance single-wall machines, The universal dishwashing machines model MS/9451 and MS/9453, thanks to their compact external dimensions fit even narrow places. Moreover they are the ideal under counter machine for monoblocks with single or double sink. Fully automatic operation with mechanical control. Two changeable washing cycles (2÷3 minutes as a standard). Microswitch to stop operation should the door open. Built-in insulated boiler made in AISI 304L stainless steel. Boiler and tank heating through thermostatically protected armoured heating elements (in exchange). Built-in rinse-aid pump. Built-in non return valve (EN 61770). Construction in full compliance with CE regulations and standards.


Cycle: 120’’/180’’
Dimensions: 60×62,5×81
Clear entry: 27CM
Height Basket: 35CM
Basket: 50X50
Pump Power: 0,55KW
Kw: 3,55 Kw 220-240V 1N 50Hz

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