Easy 90 380V Ware Washer


Easy 90 380V Ware Washer


Machines featuring high working performances designed to be used in straightline and corner installations in combination with prewash inlet tables and outlet tables. Machines equipped with a double-wall tank (insulated hood upon request), with rounded corners, full-width wash tank filters, washing and rinsing double arms system, fully automatic operation with electromechanical controls, magnetic microswitch to cut out operation of the appliance when hood is opened, tank and boiler thermometers as standard feature (in the 9120 versions), autostart feature on hood closing. T versions are equipped with a drainage pump as standard feature and perform a partial water change during each washing cycle. A versions are equipped with a booster pump and an atmospheric rinse tank in order to grant high performances in rinsing.


Cycle: 75’’/180’’
Dimensions: 63,5×73,5×146
Clear entry: 44CM
Basket: 50X50
Pump Power: 0,80KW
Kw: 6,8KW 380-415V 3N 50Hz


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